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If only I had wings . . . by invisible @ NuTang.com
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Age. 24
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. White
Location Troy, PA
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Yesterday Was the Best
Saturday. 5.19.07 3:12 pm
Yesterday was the best!! First off I saw the old principal from when I was in 5th grade, Mr. Kulago. Then, during homeroom I finished two retests in Math. History was great!! And as for English, it was awesome! We were supposed to do a free rite, but I'm glad we didn't because nothing that interesting has happened. So, after English I actually got to help Mrs. G. =) That's a first!! haha it seems like forever. We got to help finish something her servise learning student was supposed to do. =) Yay. Then, I found out that Mrs. G. loves the Beatles!! OMG!!! Me too so then I'm like singing, "She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah..." LOL haha fun times. Jacob graduates this weekend. She seemed proud. =) I told her about Anthony and I. As well as Chris and Shelby. Such a great time. After helping her, I got to tutor Cerria. That was fun, too. Then after that, I got to help Mrs. V. plant some flowers around the school. We were messing arond like hell. It was SWEET!
Science was cool. =) I finished my Disney project today. =) I guess its safe to say: I LOVE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 Oh, one other thing, Tim walked me home yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG<3

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Monday. 5.14.07 4:15 pm
well, today was ok. I really havent up-dated for a while so... not much is up. I've been bored to death. like wise, i am right now. i hate mondays! they're soooooo long. but on a better note i may get to help mrs. g. tomorrow. =) i cannot wait. it feels like forever. she was as always super =) <---- and that looks simiar to her smilies. =) YAY!! Well, i g2g do some supid friggin math hw!!!!! UHHHHHHHH
all for now!!
till then y'all behave!!

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New Boyfriend as of 5.7.07
Thursday. 5.10.07 4:26 pm
Well, I have a new, totally hot b/f. He's benn so nice to me. His name is Anthony H. And all I keep writing is his initals above mine. =) He's so nce to me and is always there for me. Some say I'm obbessed but who cares? I may very well be!! I know I'm too young to expirence true love but 7th grade love is just as good!!


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Still Alive
Sunday. 4.22.07 3:25 pm
Well, I haven't updated in a long time. Mostly because nothing exciting has happen. Well, that's not completely true. Mat and I broke up. He broke up with me but I cant blame him =[ I'm not too overly sad about it. Things just weren't working out. In other news I got in a huge (verbal) fight during seminar the other day. But let's not get into that. Well, other than that, Friday I went to Mosherville and read at the read-a-thon they have. It was like a reunion for me. I got to see all my old teachers and such so it was a lot of fun! I haven't done anything much this weekend. I just finished watching Up-town Girls on ABC Family. I love that movie. Especialy the ending. =] Well, let's see, the weather has been great! I love it!!! I hope it's here to stay. Snow just doesn't belong in April. Which reminds me, (don't ask how) but I heard from Amber the other day!!!! =] =] =] =] =] =] =] Yeah I was sorta happy. =] =] =] =]
So, I guess you can be happy, and single simutanously!!! WHO KNEW????

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Wednesday. 4.4.07 4:33 pm
Well, yesterday my best friend and I skipped lunch b/c of a certin someone and hid in the ladie's room for the majority of the period. Then we when to Mrs. Grantier's room. Well, Mrs. Bagley asked us where we were. So, I basically told her the whole story, not knowing u can get in troble, and she wrote us up!! OMG, i've never been written up in my entire life! I was flipping out!!! So Ash and I told Mrs. Stanfield before hand and she looked so dissapointed. To make a long stoy short, we had lunch detention today and couldnt help Mrs. G. =' [ But, I learnt my lesson. So, I guess all is good... Well, for the most part anyway!

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Mat + Sarah
Sunday. 4.1.07 4:47 pm
OMG!!! Mat and I had a beautiful time yesterday!! I'm still smiling! Haha. Well we saw Baldes of Glory!! HAHAHA Hilarious!!!! We had a lot of fun. He bought me two areo shirts and necklaces!! Ohhh hummm....

I love you babe!!!

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